<<SaberToothTiger>> aussie notes and important forwarding request

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Fri Nov 24 18:44:42 PST 2006

So we made it to australia successfully, but with a little hassle  
from a dog that thought they smelled narcotics on chris, but it was  
only percocet for his broken leg. After accusing him of doing blow  
and cutting up his "gear" with his cards, they decided he was alright  
for australia.

The shows have been fucking amazing, and our hosts, The Nation Blue  
and Black Level Embassy, have been taking good care of us. We will be  
posting video updates of our time here at:


Look for the Berzerker clips when they are ready. Search google for  
"the berzerker" to get an idea...ahhaaha.


Hit us up at info at sabertoothtiger.net



PS. We got this note in from Brian on myspace, and if any of you can  
help out, please contact Brian at: www.brianjudah.com

Hey guys, it's Brian. My dear grandmother is suffering with leukemia  
right now and she has a rare blood type of B Positive. If you, or  
someone you know is a match, I'd greatly appreciate a donation.

Her name is Lily Judah and she is at Cedars Sinai Medical Center in  
Los Angeles, California.

Please pass this on or forward it to anyone who you feel could help out.

Thank you so much,

Brian :)

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