<<SaberToothTiger>> STT video + KXLU live + CD is done

.:.:cburn:.:. chris at killradio.org
Fri Sep 9 13:02:03 PDT 2005

hey you! how are you doin?

So, we finally finished our video of "Argentina." A big thanks to Michael 
Grodner (www.michaelgrodner.com) for directing it and putting it all together. And 
thanks to the crew and hanging jury for donating their labor and space, 
and Avi Lewis (www.thetake.org) for providing footage.

The video is being featured today on the myspace homepage (www.myspace.com).
Check it out... Or go to our website: www.sabertoothtiger.net

Also, we're gonna be playing live on KXLU 88.9 FM next friday, September 
16th at 5pm. Please listen on the radio or go to www.kxlu.com

Finally, our record, "Extinction is Inevitable," is done and you can buy
it directly from us, or burn it from a friend...we don't care. get it here:



see you later,

email us: info at sabertoothtiger.net

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