<<SaberToothTiger>> STT video + free beer + fire your boss

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Mon Jun 6 10:33:19 PDT 2005

For those interested in music and politics (and free beer),

We need your help! SaberTooth Tiger (www.sabertoothtiger.net) is shooting 
a music video on Saturday the 18th (that's in less than two weeks). We are 
looking for people to come down to Hanging Jury in downtown LA (details 
below), and drink free beer with us, and act like you like our band. Get it?

The song is called "Argentina," available for download at our site, and is 
actually about the workers takeover of the factories down there right 
after the economic collapse in 2001. They basically fired their bosses, 
took over the factories, and organized co-operatives to run them.

Whats amazing is that we get to use stock footage from the documentary 
"The Take" (directed by Avi Lewis and Naomi Klein), which will be cut up 
and used in this video. If you haven't seen The Take, or don't know much
about this whole situation, check out the trailer here:

http://www.thetake.org (main site)

So yeah, we need people to come down and hang out. You don't have to do 
anything stupid, maybe just stand around like you care. and yes, this 
video is pure propaganda. it is intended to create mass havoc where people 
refuse to work under bosses anymore. so if you like the sound of that, 
please join us here:

Saturday, June 18th
Hanging Jury
1023 S. Sante Fe Ave
La, Ca. 90021
just south of 7th street.
THE TIME IS TO BE DETERMINED (roughly 5pm-8pm)

Also, for the technical people out there, we need your help with equipment 
like lights and cameras. For the really rich out there, we need some more 
money to do this...so we would really appreciate a donation. No one is 
getting paid for this...it's all volunteer labor. If you have loot, please 
contact us at info at sabertoothtiger.net...thanks!!

and Finally, we are playing on the 17th and 18th (friday and saturday) of 
that weekend...we'll send out those details later, or check our site in 
the next few days.

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